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Xtreme HGH has been considered a controversial HGH supplement even though it is a natural HGH booster. Manufacturers at www.XPISupplements.com prides themselves on providing you with dramatic growth via high performance ingredients that stimulate HGH production naturally.

With at least ten HGH stimulating amino acids and ingredients we were instantly intrigued with Xtreme HGH. Xtreme HGH really promotes itself as an essential way to build serious lean muscle mass so we took a deeper look at the ingredient composition to see what type of results you should really expect.

Xtreme HGH Ingredients

The blend of ingredients in Xtreme HGH live up to the hype. Some of the key ingredients include:

Alpha GPC- Studies have shown that alpha GPC plays a important role in at least five body functions including the secretion of HGH in the pituitary gland. Even more, alpha GPC has the ability to increase your strength and focus for better workouts.

GABA- One particular double-blind and placebo-controlled study for GABA revealed its ability to help peak the concentration of growth hormones in the body. The same study revealed GABA keeps growth hormones elevated even post-workout.

L-Isoleucine- Although this amino acid doesn’t directly enhance HGH, as a branched-chain amino acid l-isoleucine metabolizes in your muscles giving you better muscle recovery. L-isoleucine helps build more protein and offers the energy needed to repair your muscles.

L-Glutamine- Supplementing l-glutamine is a bodybuilding must have. L-glutamine is used for muscle recovery as well but it is also an excellent support for growth hormone levels.

Xtreme HGH Side Effects

For the most part, consumers don’t have much to report when it comes to Xtreme HGH side effects. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this product will be safe for everyone, particularly those with preexisting conditions as well as known allergies.

One ingredient, L-Glutamine, has actually been found to exacerbate any liver problems that customers have had before. If you know that your liver is not necessarily up to par, you should definitely see a doctor before you use an HGH stimulant like Xtreme HGH.

Apart from side effects that will actually detriment your health, we did notice that there are some ingredients that may cause simply annoying Xtreme HGH side effects. For instance, L-Arginine has been found to increase your need and frequency to urinate. If you don’t mind taking extra trips to the bathroom, there shouldn’t be any Xtreme HGH side effects for you to be worried about.

Xtreme HGH – Conclusion

We think Xtreme HGH is one of the best hgh pills because of its high quality blend of ingredients that truly boost HGH. Xtreme HGH has what it takes to increase energy and performance and assist with your overall sense of well-being. Instead of just giving you the bare minimum, Xtreme HGH gives you ten HGH stimulants as well as essntial nutrients like chromium, zinc and vitamin C. With Xtreme HGH you should anticipate a surge in your muscle building mechanism and supported muscle recovery. For the benefits of Xtreme HGH, click here.

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