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Tropinex AQ Review

Tropinex AQEveryone could use a boost in their strength and health. The older you get the more of a boost you need. Fortunately there are many HGH supplements, like Tropinex AQ, that can help you.

Tropinex AQ is supposed to give you more strength and energy. It does this by helping your muscles grow stronger and leaner. Tropinex AQ should also improve your health, immunities, and well-being. One of the most telling signs of your age is your skin. Tropinex AQ will help your skin look younger and healthier, much like our leading formula Lifessence HGH plus.

Tropinex AQ produces all of these results by stimulating the release of two important factors. Growth Factor release (GFr) and Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) are two important hormones in your body. Research has shown that higher levels of these hormones can effectively reduce or reverse the signs of aging.

How does it work?

GFr and IGF-1 are released by your pituitary gland. Tropinex AQ has a proprietary blend of three ingredients called the Pituitary Growth Matrix. The ingredients are alseodaphne andersonii, alstonia macrophylla, and sambucus australis. The manufacturer does not say how much of each ingredient is used or what their specific benefits are. Yet somehow, they are supposed to be effective.

There is a second proprietary blend of ingredients in Tropinex AQ called: the Body and Mind Matrix. The manufacturer does not say what ingredients are in this blend, but the blend’s total is 855 mg.

The Facts

Without more information about the ingredients in this HGH supplement, we cannot assure you that it will be effective.

We need to know what the amounts are for the ingredients in the Pituitary Growth Matrix. We also need to know what these ingredients are supposed to do. Our research into their benefits did not produce any worthwhile information.

We also would like to know what ingredients are in the Body and Mind Matrix.

Tropinex AQ has several ingredients that are fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, and artificial colors.

We cannot guarantee that Tropinex AQ will be safe and will not cause side effects.

There are a few customer reviews of Tropinex AQ. Most of them are positive. This is puzzling since the ingredients in Tropinex AQ are not capable of producing the promised results. It could be that Tropinex AQ does have benefits of some sort.

Tropinex AQ is not the most affordable HGH supplement. It retails for $89.99, but the lowest available price is $77.42. The supplement does not have an official website, and so you cannot get a money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Our Opinion

We are not impressed with the formula of Tropinex AQ. The manufacturer has also done a poor job of listing helpful information about the HGH supplement. We do not believe that Tropinex AQ is a worthwhile product. It may not be safe or effective, and it is definitely not affordable.

We suggest that you look for an HGH supplement that is backed by clinically-tested ingredients, such as Lifessence HGH Plus. Each of the ingredients listed at are clinically proven, all-natural, and safe for use. It’s created by reliable manufacturers and is completely backed with a 90-day money back guarantee so if you don’t like your results, you can return it for a full refund.

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  1. national competititor and elite personal trainer

    this product is by far the best over the counter gh supplement i have ever taken. results are immediate. hell i even noticed the results after using a different gh supplement (somatomax) which is a pretty good product.

    walter sampson April 16, 2012
  2. Everything is simple. First pharmaceutical grade is always #1. A llot of products have fillers. There is no miracle truck yet. Second your life is based in you. Live your life but don’t let your life live you. There is so much to say in health anti aging etc. Go for the natural state of tthe food not the bottles losded with fillers. Sea vegetables google it.. enjoy

    joe September 9, 2013
  3. I tried this product for three months and gave it a fair shot. Sorry didn’t do a thing but get my money. Nice thing jeep receipt. and GNC will return your money. cha ching

    joe September 9, 2013

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