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SymbioTropin Review

Produced by Nutraceutics, SymbioTropin previously went under the name of Pro HGH. HGH supplements in general have only been out for a limited amount of time, and products generally change names due to extremely negative associations between product and consumer. But again, that usually takes years.

Nevertheless, SymbioTropin claims to have been developed through 7 years of intensive research and based on the studies conducted on GH secretagogues.

Supposedly SymbioTropin is as effective as the leading product Secratatropin HGH, but can it really recreate such amazing results?

Price: $124.95

SymbioTropin Ingredients

SymbioTropin uses a 3650mg blend of l-glutamine, l-arginine, l-lysine, pituitary powder, glycine, GABA, and stevia. The only reason to use a proprietary blend with HGH supplements is if you are hiding a formula full of fillers and not actual ingredients, and most of the time, they use only a small blend to account for quite a few ingredients. SymbioTropin is no exception to this rule. SymbioTropin has a few of the right ingredients, but it also has some that have nothing to do with the HGH hormone, such as stevia. Stevia is nothing more than a calorie free sweetener.

SymbioTropin Side Effects

For many people, the safety of a supplement is more important than the speed of results, or even the power of the supplement because there are so many products that come with such a long list of side effects that you end up less healthy than you were before you started.

The formula of SymbioTropin seems fairly safe, however one ingredient, Stevia, certainly worries us. Although it is a sweetener, Stevia has some less than savory side effects like gas, bloating, numbness and an upset stomach. Also, there are some studies that show Stevia can reduce the production of sperm cells in males. This means that SymbioTropin side effects could include all of the Stevia side effects even though this natural sweetener doesn’t promote HGH production that much.

Another ingredient in SymbioTropin that could cause side effects is L-Arginine. Although if used in moderation the side effects shouldn’t be severe, but could lead to an increased urgency and need to urinate. This might not be terrible, but is something to consider when weight SymbioTropin side effects with other products on the market today.

SymbioTropin – Final Thought

SymbioTropin only recently changed its name, most likely due to extremely negative publicity. It uses a seriously underpowered ingredients list. They even waste part of that blend with ingredients that have no application to HGH releasers at all. Especially at the extremely high price of $124.95, there is no reason to buy SymbioTropin.

You’d be better off saving your money and investing in a real HGH releaser such as Secratatropin HGH. This clinically proven formula is powered by amino acids designed to stimulate your thyroid gland and give you amazing bodybuilding results. It’s more affordable than SymbioTropin and backed with a great guarantee. Be sure to check out for more information.

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