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Pro-GH Review

Whether you are looking to increase your sports performance or just need to drop a few pounds, Pro-GH may be the supplement that can help you achieve some good health benefits in a natural and safe way.

Pro-GH is formulated with amino acids that help stimulate the production of growth hormone, which is responsible for ‘building up’ muscles, providing energy, weight loss, balancing hormones, and stimulating immune function.

NOW is a manufacturing company that offers health food and nutritional supplements of the highest quality. NOW takes pride in offering their products at an affordable price and good quality.

Pro-GH Ingredients

The directions are for adults to mix one scoop of Pro-GH in juice or water every night or before exercis for five days, then off two days. Complete this cycle as often as you want.

L-Arginine 1.5 g
L-Ornithine 1.5 g
L-Lysine 500 mg
L-Glutamine 2 g
Glycine 2 g
GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) 500 mg
Organic Stevia Extract (Leaf) 75 mg

Does Pro-GH Work?

Because Pro-GH is formulated with natural ingredients it may take longer to see the benefits, whereas synthetic drugs may give faster results, they are unsafe because of possible dangerous side effects.

There are a few customer reviews from men and women who have used Pro-GH because they wanted to lose weight, which they claim they lost weight and could feel a definite energy boost. They don’t mention how long it took for the weight to come off or when they started feeling the extra energy.

Although Pro-GH is aimed toward athletes, it can be used by any adult man or women to get these benefits.


• Formulated with natural ingredients
• Safe to use
• Affordably priced
• Customers claim is provides energy and weight loss
• Can be used by men or women
• Not just for athletes


• No money back guarantee provided
• NOW says Pro-GH is clinically researched, but they provide no proof
• Pro-GH is recommended to be used with other NOW products to enhance its ability

Pro-GH Price and Return Policy

If you do a little internet browsing, you will find that the price ranges if very broad starting from $16.00 and going as high as $37.00 for a one month supply.

NOW doesn’t sell any of their products directly, but they have a link for retail stores that do! There is no guarantee offered by NOW, and usually retail sites don’t offer one if the manufacturer doesn’t.

Final Thoughts on Pro-GH

There are good and there are bad findings about Pro-GH. Which one outweighs the other? Well, it’s hard to say definitely.

There are positive customer reviews, but none of them are athletes or bodybuilders. This is a little strange since Pro-GH is marketed for its sports performance benefits! Either way, customers did get results, but they were mostly increased energy and weight loss.

The price is affordable if you want to take a chance on it, but there is no guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. And something else to take into consideration is the fact that the company claims that there are clinical tests, but they fail to show proof.

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  1. I am taking Pro-GH because of immune deficiency, with symptoms like memory and concentration issues, fatigue, frequent illnesses. Since starting Pro-GH I have slowly improved. All of my symptoms are slowly getting better.

    D. Winston March 19, 2014

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