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Ageforce HGH Seal Review

Ageforce HGH SealNow using a “convenient skin patch”, Ageforce HGH Seal uses somatotrophin of course, a synthetic form of HGH in a highly diluted form. We remind you that real or synthetic HGH is illegal except for certain medical conditions, which is why injections were banned and nobody really uses it, except for those likely selling out of South America . They claim to have 400% more recombinant HGH than any other brand.

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Ingredients and Mechanism of Action:

First and foremost, HGH is illegal. Second, patch technology does not deliver ingredients to the bloodstream at all, let alone effectively. Third, when you dilute a product like they do, you put the original into an amount of water. Then you take one drop of that water and further dilute it in another portion of water, and you do this however many times they claim by the number in front of X. So chances are you don’t get any of the original component at all. And even if you do, it’s so small as to be completely insignificant. Three strikes and you’re out.

Overall Impression of Ageforce HGH Seal:

Ageforce HGH Seal is yet another HGH based product claiming to be better than its predecessors. We still have yet to find a patch in any field that actually works. So it’s not just HGH. We also have yet to find a product stupid enough to use real HGH that works or doesn’t use nanograms or some other form of dilution to a microscopic portion. We would not recommend wasting your money on Ageforce HGH Seal.

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